Tag Mobile App

Being a consumer has never been easier.

With this app, you can check in to a hotel room or to events and activities in a matter of seconds. You’ll also be able to receive coupons and discounts catered to your preferences. Other perks like wayfinding, tracking luggage, and sharing your location with friends will also be available soon.

Your Tag Account

The all-in-one user hub.

Here, you can add your preferences, view your past activity, update your profile settings, and more. Help businesses serve your specific needs while having full control of what they can and can’t see.

How does it work?

Tag detects you using beacons that are installed at the stores, restaurants, and other places that you visit. Your phone emits a signal to these beacons when you’re in range, which then triggers things like event check-in, coupons, and loyalty points.

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding your phone or if it’s tucked away, as long as your Bluetooth is on!

Tag works in all kinds of environments. This is basically how it happens:

1 With Bluetooth turned on your device, walk into the range of any beacon.

2 Beacon detects the signal from your device, and alerts the business or organization of your arrival.

3 You get automated check-in, sweet deals, and loyalty points instantaneously!

Excited? So are we.

Check back soon for more information on where to download our app and how to create an account.