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Download the Tag app onto your phone

Beacons in select locations detect your phone instantly

Reap the benefits: easy check-in, rewards and more

We use innovative beacon tech to make sure businesses and customers are on the same page.

Awesome Service

When business know who’s coming and going, they can cater to your needs much better. Whether this is a customized greeting, tailored promotion, or personlized coupon, you’re going to have a much more enjoyable and immersive experience.

Fast Check-In

Tired from traveling and want to get to your hotel room? Tag helps you skip lines and forego physical room keys. We also speed-up check-ins for events, conference, tours, and more.

Protected Customer Data

Have no fear! We don’t sell your personal information. Your favorite brands and stores can cater to your preferences, but won’t know your name or any other info you don’t want to share.

Feel like a regular at every…

Doctor’s Office
… and more!

Want to feel more connected to the businesses you visit? We can help create a better experience everywhere you go.

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